The world of Nonprofits is a hard one to follow. Even here at Medici Project we constantly find out about ideas that organizations have been pursuing for years in our own city that somehow we missed! Everything you do is innovative when your job requires you to come up with all your own ideas. On top of that, those who work for nonprofits are often surrounded by others who are also innovating daily. When your idea and your organization are both new, there are no traditional molds that you have to follow, and innovation and creativity are how you survive. So check out some of our most recent favorite innovations and inspirations from our friends and colleagues as they continue to make a difference in the world.

1 | Charity: Water | Google Maps Project

Charity: Water has been one of the most innovative charities around for a number of years. Their fundraising campaigns are unmatched, Their branding is stunning, and the simplicity with which they are able to present their issue makes both the problem and the solution as clear as the water they have now brought to people in poverty all over the world. One of their more recent innovations, however, is in the area of transparency, something that other organizations have had difficulty with in recent months. In order to remain accountable to their donors, Charity: Water has utilized google maps technology to show where they are working, methods, and number of people reached through their products. Check it out, it’s pretty fun.

2 | South Atlanta Marketplace / Community Grounds | Thrift Store

One of our common partners for our Atlanta Urban Missions and Alternative Breaks projects is South Atlanta Marketplace. Seeking the revitalization of their south Atlanta community, South Atlanta Marketplace is a thrift store for local people and a coffee shop with free wifi for community building in the neighborhood. They also support other projects like a bike shop and college prep courses for local students. This is an innovative nonprofit that is truly seeking the welfare of the neighborhood to which they feel called. If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by. Its good coffee!

3 | Kiva | Small Loans

Kiva has been in and out of the public spotlight over the last several years for their innovative approach to poverty alleviation. Kiva solves the problem of poverty by empowering aspiring entrepreneurs in poverty stricken countries and hopeless situations with small loans. These small loans serve as the startup capital to help these entrepreneurs get their business going. Sometimes with an amount as small as $25 you can change the way someone on the other side of the world makes a living. Jump on their website today and give a loan to change a life!

4 | The Global Poverty Project | Live Below the Line

The Global Poverty Project has been working to alleviate poverty for years, but in the last couple of years they have introduced a new project that is making waves in both awareness and fundraising. The Live Below the Line project asks people with means like you and me to live below the poverty line for a 5 day period. They ask that people do it in groups and share their experience on social media to raise awareness. You can raise money by taking the money you save and donating it or by getting others to support you as you take the challenge! Check out their website and consider jumping on board and Living Below the Line. The US Campaign starts in just a couple weeks!

5 | Restavek Home | Child Sponsorship/Store

A “Restavek’ is a form of modern-day slavery that persists in Haiti, affecting one in every 15 children. Typically born into poor rural families, restavek children are often given to relatives or strangers. In their new homes, they become domestic slaves, performing menial tasks for no pay.” (source) Restavek Home is attempting to bring a solution to this problem by utilizing the child sponsorship program that organizations like Compassion International have been using for years to help children in poverty. When you sponsor a child, or buy something from their store, you can help to sustain their efforts as they help children break the cycle of poverty and get out of situations of trafficking!


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