There are many great influencers throughout history. One theme that follows all of them is that in the times of their deepest obstacles and challenges, they remained steadfast to the conviction in their hearts. Hindsight is always 20-20. We can’t imagine a King David without Goliath. We can’t imagine a George Washington without the Revolution. In the midst of trial and challenge, these leaders never knew the legacy they would leave, they only knew what they believed in.

130123_MLK-biographyOne such leader is Martin Luther King, Jr. In his autobiography entitled “The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.” (Edited by Clayborne Carson), we catch the inner thoughts, fears, encouragements, and hopes that MLK Jr. had when fighting in the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Clayborne Carson was selected by the estate of the King family to take all of the collective works of Dr. King; his personal journals, sermons, and video footage, capture and un-forgettable self portrait of Dr. King.

This book explores key themes of King’s life. From his upbringing to college at Morehouse, meeting Coretta Scott, his first pastoral position, Montgomery bus movements, sit-ins, arrests, and the famous March on Washington, we are able to dive into the mind of Dr. King to learn his thoughts leading up to these scenes and his joy and frustrations with what followed.

If you are looking to dive into the mind of an incredible historical leader, I highly suggest this book. It will move you, inspire you, and inform you of the true story of King’s fight for freedom. You can’t help but feel compelled to continue the fight that King led with the help of so many others.

If you are interested in purchasing The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr., you can do so HERE.