This week Medici Project is proud to launch our newest program from our Worldview Weekends series: “Stories”. Stories is the culmination of several years of thought and experience of our Worldview Weekends Director, Andrew McPeak. During Andrew’s journey through college and into his professional life he noticed that the culture we live in is driven by passion. When it comes time for youth to decide on a vocation we’re often told to ask: “What am I passionate about?” Stories is made to directly engage high school students on the issue of vocation, asking them to first seriously consider what it means to be passionate about something, and, how our normal way of thinking about and answering that question may actually be flawed. Discover more about Stories >>> here.


This program is designed to engage Millennials from every angle by combining large group, small group and tangible learning experiences together. While our large group sessions are delivered by Medici Staff utilizing a expertly crafted multi-media presentation, the real story is what’s happening in between large group times. Because we believe that you are the greatest resource available to your high schoolers, each session is designed to to encourage mentorship and discipleship between your students and your local youth staff rather than to elevate our Medici Staff (though we do consider ourselves pretty talented). Additionally, each session is designed with time for high school students to engage tangibly with our content in a setting we call the “Experience Room”. In the experience room your students will write, draw, craft, share, and reflect on each of the topics we present. We’re excited about this component of our program because our culture (especially Millennials) is undergoing a kinesthetic revolution when it comes to learning. Learn more about the Experience Room in our informational PDF >>> here.

Stories - The Exprience Room.001

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