Our minds seem to go all over the place when making a big decision. We weigh all the options: “well, if I do this, then this is most definitely going to happen.” “But if I go here, then this is what my life will look like over the course of the next 10 years.” In making big decisions, we often fool ourselves into thinking that we need to have it all figured out.

I’d like to pose another way at looking at big decisions. What if we began to look at them a little differently? What if instead of banking all of our chips on the destination in mind, we gave some attention to the journey?

Personally, I’ve come to realize that as the journey takes shape, the decision’s end point looks different as you go along. Whether you’re wavering on what job to take, what school to go to, or even what you’re going to do with your life, decisions can be made on a few questions that center more on the journey than the end destination.

Can God Be Glorified?

This is a potent question primarily because of God’s desire to see himself glorified, matched with our desire to see him glorified. Is the decisions we are making, you know…the big ones, filtered through the lens of, “Will this make much of God, or diminish Him?”

Will I Personally Be Challenged and Grow?

It’s easy to coast. But world changers don’t coast. Those who desire influence want a challenge, and want to grow in the process. They want to set themselves in contexts and around people who are better than them at what they do. Will this decision bring a personal challenge and help you grow during the journey?

Will This Decision Stir My Affections for God?

Will this decision draw you into trusting God and stir your affections for him? In a culture that’s so easy to “zone-out” and go through the motions, you want to make sure the decision you are making stirs your heart for the Lord. God is very much interested in drawing you close to him in all areas of life.

Is This Decision Part of the Larger Mission of Bringing About the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?

Will this decision help or hinder the larger mission of bringing about the Kingdom of God on earth? Does it create cultural goods? Is it representative of a believer in Jesus should conduct their lives? If not, the decision should be no. If yes, then the decision sounds like a pretty good one.

Image used under Creative Commons License courtesy of plugged mind: http://ow.ly/vVYNM