Founder’s Letter

During the last twenty years doing inner city ministry, I’ve seen a large disconnect between students who’ve realized that they have a heart for service, and what that realization actually means for their everyday lives. I saw a gap being experienced, a gap between the teachings of their faith, the narrative that culture was demanding them to live by, and the day to day struggle of being a teenager or young adult. I began Medici Project to combat these very issues and answer the deeper questions that they have about God, culture, and where the two intersect.


Over the course of the last five years, we’ve had the privilege of seeing students gain a greater understanding of the implications that service has for their development as spiritual beings, human beings, and intellectual pursuits. They’ve experienced a wholistic development of themselves through worldview understanding, service to the least of these, and even beginning their own initiatives to carry out whatever it is they want to do to help others. They come from all across the country; youth groups, schools, universities, colleges, and others, and it has been one exciting journey. – Vince Hungate